Head Dampers T Rex 600E/600N/ Mikado Logo 10, 14, 500 and 600/ Knight 50 with washer
Our test pilots have extensive time using the various dampeners and have reported much better control and amazingly extended life. The pilot who had to change his dampeners every 14 flights pulled our "Hard" (yellow) dampeners off after 70 flights. They were still handling great although they did show some wear. We asked him to exchange them for the "Extreme" (Orange) dampeners so he could start testing those. He has over 110 flights on our "Extreme" dampeners. K & B Dream Designs, LLC dampeners complement our tail blades and increases the handling of the helicopter from mild to wild.

The Dampeners will fit the Align 600E & 600N. They will also fit the Mikado Logo 10, 14, 500 and 600. They will also fit the Knight 50 with a small washer.