Eagle Tree Logger V4 Deans VersionEagle Tree Logger V4 Deans Version
eLoggerTM V4 - the Easiest Way to Monitor your Power System!

New! Whether you’re into Electric Planes, Helis, Cars, Boats or other models, you need to know how your electric power system performs under actual operating conditions. The eLogger is the product you need to monitor your LiPo, A123 or any other electric power system.

Here are a few of the enhancements with our new eLogger V4 (click here for more details):

High speed logging at up to 50Hz (increased from 10Hz).
Sixteen times the logging capacity of the standard eLogger V3. Typically logs all available sensors for about four hours, at 10Hz.
Voltage logging increased to 80 volts maximum.
The eLogger system comes with everything you need to log, analyse, and graph mAH, Current, Wattage, Voltage and throttle position, right out of the box. And, your eLogger is tremendously expandable, by adding additional sensors (shown below).