Alien Command Advanced NEW Product FOR FLYBARLESS USE

•1. Alien Command Advanced will stabilise your helicopter and hover it hands free if you let go of the sticks for 90, 120 and 140 degree helicopters (All eCCPM as well as mCCPM).
•2. You can fly in strong wind much more easily every time the wind blows the helicopter out of place it will autocorrect back to a level position.
•3. Alien Command Advanced takes the transmitter mixing on board the rc helicopter meaning you no longer need a expensive transmitter to get better results. This mixer being on board also means no CCPM mixing is done in the transmitter all this adds up to a big increase in resolution as there is no loss in resolution when you transmit from the radio. (So, if you use in-transmitter CCPM mixing you can be reducing the control resolution of the best 21st century radio systems down to that of a 512 point system that went out of fashion the 1980\'s!)
•4. Alien Command Advanced eliminates RC latency errors. One of the most common problems with in-transmitter mixing of CCPM is that the three servos driving the swash plate receive their position information at different times so, for example when you push the collective stick one servo will receive the command to move first and, if it\'s a fast coreless servo may well have reached full speed before the other two servos even know they should be moving. This causes transient, unpredictable errors in the elevator and aileron when large sudden collective inputs are made.
•5. Utilising two dedicated processors to handle the CCPM mixing the unit can apply a complex mixing algorithm while keeping delays undetectably short - the mixing calculation takes less than 1ms - less time than it takes to send a single servo pulse. Also, where digital servos are being used on the swash-plate the unit can drive these servos at digital servo frame rates - a feature that really comes into its own in electronic stabilised applications.
•6. Corrects for CCPM geometry errors – All CCPM systems suffer from interactions due to the geometry of the linkages. These errors are most apparent at large collective pitch values and give rise to aileron-to-elevator, aileron-to-collective, and elevator-to-collective interactions. The unit has six geometry correctors that allow these errors to be offset providing greater accuracy and allowing, where advantageous, larger servo throw angles to be employed.
•7. Creates an electronic cyclic ring this has a number of advantages over a physical cyclic ring. Because it acts on the signals and not on the stick you can make adjustments to the stick feel of the transmitter with travel adjustments, rates and exponential without the worry of making a change that could over-travel the linkage. It even works for mode 1 pilots where the aileron and elevator are on separate sticks! Importantly, it works when gyros are introduced into the system for electronic cyclic stabilisation.
•8. Supplied with software, leads, mounting foam and guide to getting setup on your rc helicopter.