Multi Charging Dispenser,Charge 3 Batts in 1 TimeMulti Charging Dispenser,Charge 3 Batts in 1 Time
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How to use the Flyermate 3 in 1 Voltage Dispenser?
Charging a lipolymer battery is very time consuming and need a lot of attention.
That's whythis Voltage Dispenser for major charger among the RC industry to facilitate lipo charging process in a smart way.

If you want to shorten your charging time with a promising small device, surely at a very fair price, the 3 in 1 Voltage Dispenser is your choice.
Let's start the set up step by step.
First, you need a digital charger which can be brought from us 6S or 8S

The 3 in 1 Voltage Dispenser does need a little bit calculation before we go.

One cell of Li-polymer battery is 3.7v

Therefore, a 7.4v battery is 2cells, and 11.1v is 3 cells and so on.

This 3 in 1 Voltage Dispenser support simultaneously charging 3 x 2cell lipolymers (22.2v) , 2 x 3cell (22.2v) lipolymers and 2 x 2 cells lipolymers (14.8v).

You have to determine the TOTAL voltage of your lipolymer batteries that you are going to charge in a same time. That's just two case, 22.2v or 14.8v.

Never connect ANY combination other than the 3 combination mentioned above. It will cause damage to your charger.

Secondly, connect the 3 in 1 Voltage Dispenser correctly into the charger and batteries.

The connection for 3 x 2 cells (22.2v) and 2 x 3 cells (22.2v) setting.
Connect the batteries on the PCB broad with the balancing plug. This picture shows the connection of 2 x 3 cells. Connect the output cable with a T Plug back to your charger output.
Also connect to your charger's balancing output.

NOTE, leave the output cable next to the 2 x 2 cells NOT connected.
This cable is work for 2 x 2 cells case only.

After that, set the output AMP and output voltage to be 22.2v in charger.
Success! The digital charger shows the balancing status for the 6 cells!!
You are now charging two 3 cells lipolymer at the same time!! simultaneously

The connection for 2 x 2 cells (14.8v ) setting.
Now, connect 2 x 2 cells li-polymer on the PCB, and connect the cable next to the 2 x 2cell port to the charger's output plug. Leave the cable next to 2 x 3 cell not connected.
The setting is 14.8v as the output voltage, you can see that my digital charger showing totally 4 cells 's voltage status!! Have fun!
Error Message
If your connection of setting is wrong, you will get a error message from the charger, correct it and make it works!

Connection Break: Deal with it, you have to connect the batteries correctly, there are only

3 combination of connection. If you want to charge 1 battery, please remove the dispenser.

Over Voltage Deal with it, you have to set the output voltage correctly.
there are only two case, 22.2v (6S), remember it is for total 6cell in your setting. 2x 3 or 3 x 2
Or 14.8v (4S) , 2 x 2 only.