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Gyrobot 900 Wing

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GyroBot 900 Wing

GyroBot 900 Wing

Price: 587.00 / 727.88

GyroBot 900 Wing, The world first

When GyroBot 900 Wing is a very high quality and precise Flight attitude
including stabilization scheme for the ailerons, elevator and rudder axis of a
Model aircraft. The model thus retains its respective position on all 3 axes as long as at,
again until the pilot controls.

This provides the following, unprecedented flight characteristics:

1. For aerobatic models
Each aerobatics or 3D model flies with precision GyroBot 900 Wing and just like to
Rails. Example, graduated from the start as it completely alone, then it flies in a straight
Line until you have control again.
Inverted automatic:
Inverted, that is not more hydroplanes, rolls are only with
Aileron control.
The model was once controlled in the knife-edge, it remains there own
(If let loose sticks) until you control it again in a different position.
Control the model even in the upright position, and then all sticks
los (except for the throttle function), it remains independent in the torque roll. You only need to
function of the gas levels out. GyroBot with 900 Wing, each hovering and torque rolls.
Since the effectiveness of the rudder of the flight speed depends on the fit
Automatically control the instantaneous flight speed.

2. For model jets

For turbine-powered jets, please use only our GyroBot 900 Wing Jet .
GyroBot 900 Wing is NOT approved for turbine models.

For jets with E-900 Wing GyroBot impeller is suitable.

Many jets are unstable at low flight speed and can be difficult
be controlled. GyroBot 900 Wing stabilizes the E-Jet on all axes, so that it is clean
and can fly at low speeds and precise landing. This is the Jetfliegen
Child's play. Even a "knack" of the model as the knife-edge belongs to GyroBot 900 Wing
the past.

3. The glider tow
Here, the system can be used in the engine model as used in sailing. Since the
models fly in just let loose joysticks independently straight reassured to
the complete towing team. It can, for example, a certain angle of climb of
Motor machine be set to the elevator, which will be kept permanently.
Depending on your preference, the rules on any axis during the flight, one or
be turned off.

4. For beginners and those returning to
Since the model any? Own life? loses, will fly a lot easier because the pilot
only has to manage what he would like. The difficult? Balancing? Deleted. This
Model flying is almost as easy as driving a remote-controlled cars.

The software is constantly being developed and will be available for free download on each provided. Thus, the device always on the cutting edge of technology.

There are 3 phases of flight available to the any on or off individual
Functions or allow the whole scheme from the transmitter. Thus, it is useful to repeat
to complete without a flight phase scheme have here the model fiegt as it previously
flew without GyroBot. You can then control the security level on any or all
Axes on and become familiar with the new flight behavior.
GyroBot can be programmed quickly and easily by absolute beginners. For this purpose,
is the handy "Cockpit", or a USB interface for programming
prepared by the PC.

The programming box? Cockpit? can be removed again after programming,
can either be fixed in the model. With the USB interface cable
GyroBot programmed via the PC and will be updated.

Since the device is very small, lightweight and compact, it can be used in almost all models
to be the model up to 3m indoor aerobatic machine or Turbinenjet.
GyroBot 900 Wing is of course compatible with all remote control systems, whether 2,4 Ghz, PPM or PCM.

Technical data:
CNC machined aluminum housing chrome plated, Dimensions: 32x32x16 mm, Weight: 20 g
Sensors: 3 high quality MEMS angular rate sensors (drift), in addition 3 acceleration sensors,
additional air pressure sensor to measure speed
Power supply: 3.0 V - 12.0 V (receiver battery)
-Updateable via USB interface cable (the adjusted values remain preserved), 3 in flight over Channel
selectable flight modes (fully assignable).
-Very easy to program, this can quickly find a good setup to be found.
-RC-Gain: adjustable from the transmitter "sensitivities" on all axes (either on / off)
Servo travel, servo center, polarity inversion, mixing proportions are so easily and quickly set in GyroBot.
-Suitable for all standard models with cross-tail or T-tail
-Suitable for all drive types except turbine


Video Link of Gyrobot 900 wing

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