What To Look For in Quality Fake IDs From ID God

Whether it is for the purpose of getting into a club or buying alcohol before the legal age, a fake ID can seem like an easy solution. Many teenagers trust websites, like ID God, to provide them with favorable results. Unfortunately, these websites can produce fake IDs that may not only get you in trouble with the law, but also put you and those around you at risk. In this article, we will provide you with tips on how to identify a counterfeit fake ID from idgod.

1. Check the material and image quality – Of course, you may not be an expert on how a real Identification card should look, but by thoroughly checking the material and image quality of your ID card, you could detect a fake. Start by checking if the ID is made of quality material or if it appears to be flimsy and fake. The image quality can reveal plenty of information. Look for things like pixelation, alignment or shadows around the edges that could signify a poor-quality scan.

2. Verify the holograms and UV lighting – checking the hologram and UV lighting should be one of the first steps you take to spot a fake ID. Holograms first appeared on government-issued IDs in the 1990s, and they work via reflection. Tilt the card back and forth, then side to side. If the hologram doesn’t change as expected, then you can identify it as a fake. On the other hand, under UV light, security features encrypt on IDs as well. If you wave the ID card over UV light and nothing seems to happen, then you should be wary.

3. Review the information on the ID – Information present on an ID is a great way to spot a fake. This includes the state and default design of the card. Some websites produce IDs that have default pictures or designs, when in reality, it should be customized to match the requester. Compare your ID to a real ID from your state. Look at the spacing between all the lines. The information included should be recognizable as real data that you could be asked for to verify identity.

4. Beware of the rush service – Availability for a rush service producing fake IDs is a red flag, as it suggests that the supplier is in a hurry to produce the items. Rush services could be shortcuts that result in problems with the quality of the product. To spot a fake ID from ID God, ensure that you are not a victim of a rush service. Check the genuine customer reviews and availability of customer service.

5. Confirm the identity of the seller – The most crucial strategy for identifying a counterfeit fake ID from ID God is confirming that you are dealing with an authentic vendor. Be sure to look for information about the company, including their website, physical address, and customer reviews, and use this information to help identify whether they are genuine or counterfeit.

Getting in with fake Identification cards or purchasing alcohol before the legal age could land you in legal trouble. It is crucial that you can spot a counterfeit fake ID from a real one, particularly when purchasing one online. The information provided above can help you identify the necessary qualities to look for as you are verifying your ID card’s authenticity. One last thing to keep in mind is that it is always best if you didn’t go down this route at all and waited until you were of legal age.