What To Do When Your Mobile Phone Is Slow: Clear Streaming Apps To Fix

Other apps that weigh too much, slowing down the phone and crashing, are streaming apps, such as Netflix, Spotify, and Deezer. This happens when we save movies, series, or music to watch or listen to offline.

These files are real villains for a slow cell phone. But to solve it, it’s very easy to open each application, go to the library and remove the downloads of those items that you’ve already watched or are no longer interested in.

Disable Apps Running In The Background

Over time, apps or functions may run in the background, and you don’t even need them. In the settings of each application, it is possible to force its stop and define if it will run in the background or not, so if it is something you are not using, it is of great help to the phone to disable it.

If The Phone Is Slow, Update The System

OS updates are important as they fix several issues in the current OS version. Make sure the system is up to date; if not, put it up to date. This is a good way to make your phone faster.

Restore To Factory Settings

If your phone such as iPhone 11 is still crashing after all that, the ideal option is to restore it to factory settings. This function leaves the device empty of applications and files and can eliminate the problems of crashes. Make sure to back up all your files before then, as everything will be deleted.

Now select the items you no longer need and delete them. Now, no getting attached; delete everything you don’t need.

Phone Crashing: Clean Whatsapp Files

One of the apps that take up the most memory, slowing down your phone, is WhatsApp. Over time, we save many photos, stickers, conversations, and especially videos, which weigh too much on our smartphones.

For starters, delete conversations that aren’t important and delete groups that you’re no longer a part of or have no more activity for. Then open WhatsApp and go to ‘Settings > Storage & Data > Manage Storage’